Are women better leaders?

Jacinda Ardern as a feminist icon in the contemporary world The world knows Jacinda Ardern as the current Prime Minister of New Zealand and as the youngest head of government in the world. Her governance has been widely praised across the world – be it the compassionate handling of the 2019 Christchurch attacks or successfullyContinue reading “Are women better leaders?”

Tamasha – a lesson to carve your own story

“How are you? – Jab janna nhi hota to poochte kyun ho?” What do you do when the voice of your heart is in contradiction with societal norms? Do you give wings to that voice? Or do you bury it in a place where even you can’t find it? Tamasha, a Bollywood film directed byContinue reading “Tamasha – a lesson to carve your own story”

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